IASPA Administrator Academies

Essentials of the School Human Resources Office - AA#3859

This course provides HR Administrators with information about the key responsibilities of the Human Resources role and the essentials of the work of the HR Office.  The presenter will cover the various standards an administrator needs to be aware of in the management of human resources and operational procedures.  Participants will learn how to write a legally-compliant letter of reprimand. Participants will create a Human Resources Tasklist and Calendar to be utilized in their HR Office.  Participants will need access to their district’s board policy, procedures, and collective bargaining agreement/s for the pre-work, and these materials should be brought to the session (digital access or print).  This is an excellent session for both new and veteran Human Resources administrators.

Creating Efficiencies in the School HR Office - AA#3876

This course provides K-12 HR Administrators with strategies to examine current HR processes to identify opportunities for creating and implementing efficient operations of departmental tasks. The presenter will share successful strategies and instruct participants on how to create and implement similar strategies in their respective district to maximize efficiency and productivity.  Participants will come prepared with a reflective review of specific tasks within their current HR paradigm and will implement technology strategies to assist in their own work upon return to the office.  Participants will become fluent in the nuances of spreadsheet (Excel, Google Sheets, or Numbers) usage as well as Google Apps for Education and screencasting as they relate their respective HR work.