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Organization Overview

Verifent partnered with IASPA to create an easy, secure, digital solution to allow districts to be complaint with the Employment History Review requirements under Faith's law in a cost-effective, simple manner.

Verifent provides a digital solution to manage Verifications of Employment + Income and Verifications of Experience (including Faith's Law Employment History Reviews, employee service records, evaluation information, etc.)

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Verifent was founded by veterans in the verification industry with over 50 years of experience. They saw a need for a secure, easy to use verification solution that allows businesses of all sizes to keep control of their data. So, they did something about it. They created Verifent, the online verification solution that both streamlines and automates verifications and eliminates risky verification practices.

Our Mission: Verifent’s mission is to solve problems for businesses big and small by treating employer data with the highest level of integrity in the market.

Our Values
1. Inspiring Vision: We believe that clear vision inspires others to accomplish audacious goals.
2. Innovating Ways: We believe that all things are possible and constantly innovate to find new ways to serve.
3. Others First: We believe that business should be more about the people we serve than about us.
4. Integrity: We believe that living above reproach is important in all aspects of life.
5. Empowered Team: We believe that empowering our team to take ownership, take risks and solve problems leads to a better service.

Our Guarantee: Your data is your data. We will never collect or monetize your employees’ information (including their social security number).
Robert Holloway
Robert Holloway Chief Revenue Officer
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David Campbell Director of Sales Eastern US
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Rebekah Campbell Business Development Representative
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