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Professional Associate Network

Professional Associate Network Meeting Q1 2023

Registration is Open!

Thursday, February 2, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (CST)

Event Details

Please join us for a meeting of IASPA's Professional Associate Network.  This event is open to anyone who works in school Human Resources. Attendees need to be an IASPA member to participate in the PAN Network. Registration is free but required.

  1. Presentation Discussion on Topic: Introducing IASPA Connect!

  2. Technical Tip: Interdepartmental communications using Skyward's Task Processes 

  3. Roundtable Discussion: This is an opportunity for attendees to discuss open issues, ask questions, and share.  We will be discussing ISBE Audits.

    1. Have you ever been through an ISBE/ROE Audit before?
    2. What county did the audit?
    3. Does your district maintain paper or electronic personnel records?
    4. What was the process that you used to prepare?
    5. What tips would you share with someone who has never been through the process of an audit?
    6. Can you "flunk" an audit?
    7. What happens if they find something is missing or "wrong"?
  4. Some Good News: HR work can be challenging. At every network meeting, we will take a few minutes to share something positive/uplifting with the group.

  5. Feedback on the Network Meeting: At the end of the meeting, attendees will be asked for feedback…what worked/didn’t work/what should be a topic(s) for discussion next meeting.

For More Information:

Laurie Campbell
Laurie Campbell
Professional Development Coordinator Illinois Association of School Personnel Administrators

The IASPA Professional Associate Network meets quarterly.  The Network is designed to provide support for, allow collaboration with, and serve as a resource for fellow Human Resources colleagues. As a reminder, IASPA Professional Associate Members are non-administrative employees who are responsible for Human Resources functions. Whether you are new to Human Resources, new to Human Resources in education, or are a veteran in Human Resources, participation in the Professional Associate Network will assist you in building your support network, sharing information, learning new processes and procedures, and continuing to learn and grow.